Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jimi Hendrix USPS stamp

Jimi Hendrix Stamp Artwork based on Chris Walter Photo

First date of issue March 13th
The stamps are artist renditions by Rudy Guttierez based on the Jimi likenesses in original photos, with a total change of clothes and backgrounds. 16 stamps to a sheet. Live picture on the stamp, portrait on the back of the sheet. Psychedelic! The stamp image is based on a live photo by Joel Axelrad and the stamp rear sheet pane and First Day Poster from SXSW painting are based on a 1967 Chris Walter Jimi Hendrix photo.
                  Artwork  ©USPS 2014

The First Day poster from SXSW is below.

Jimi Hendrix Stamp poster from Chris Walter photo